All Kids Dental, LLC offers a full array of dental services to help your children maintain healthy teeth. You can read more on this page about specific services.

There is no limit to what we do!

  • Cleanings, sealants and preventive care

  • Children 2 and under free dental visit with no insurance

  • A full range of dental treatments, including fillings, crowns and extractions. (Our restorations are done with composite filling materials that are the same color as your tooth).

  • Custom, athletic mouth guards

  • Pediatric oral prosthetics, including obturators, partials and habit breaking appliances

  • In-office sedation

  • Oral Surgery Treatment in the Hospital

* Please note our staff is fully trained to handle children with special healthcare needs  and all children are treated in a warm, loving environment.

All cases are treated with care, pride and confidentiality.

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