Meet Dr. Julia Bonks

Driven by her deep commitment and love for what she does, Dr. Bonks finds immense joy in her role as a pediatric dentist. What excites Dr. Bonks the most about her work is the opportunity to see kids smile without fear and build trust with them. Creating a dental home where children feel comfortable and restoring their teeth to boost confidence are some of the aspects that bring her utmost satisfaction. She is passionate about treating pain and infections, as well as serving underserved populations, ensuring that every child has access to quality oral healthcare. Through her work, she has the privilege of creating new smiles and transforming lives.

Working with her patients is a source of constant joy for Dr. Bonks. Kids' humor and their ability to make her laugh throughout the day create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere. She takes pride in her behavior management skills and finds fulfillment in making a difference in the lives of her young patients.

In her over 13 years in practice, Dr. Bonks treasures seeing children grow and trust her during their dental visits. Restoring a child's confidence is a top priority for her, and she appreciates the opportunity to meet people from diverse cultures, languages, and backgrounds, making every day in her profession new and challenging. Making a difference in the form of pain relief, restoring broken teeth, and treating infections is deeply fulfilling to her.

With her dedication to serving her patients and her commitment to making a difference, she ensures that each visit is comfortable, empowering, and contributes to the overall well-being of her young patients.

Excellence in Education

Graduating from Columbia University with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery and completing her pediatric training at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Dr. Bonks has received top-notch education to provide exceptional care to her young patients.

Dr. Bonks understands the importance of continuing education to stay at the forefront of her field. She is actively involved in the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry (ABPD) and regularly participates in their continuing education programs. By staying up-to-date with the latest treatment options and new products on the market, she ensures that her patients receive the best care possible.

As a member of the ABPD, Dr. Bonks maintains her board certification through ongoing yearly education. She also focuses her continuing education on pediatric topics, trauma, and oral pathology, further enhancing her knowledge and expertise in these areas. Her dedication to learning benefits her patients by allowing her to provide the most advanced and effective treatments.

She is passionate about creating a positive dental experience for children, helping them overcome fear and building trust. Creating a dental home, restoring teeth to boost confidence, treating pain and infections, and serving underserved populations are all aspects of her profession that bring her great excitement and fulfillment.

Outside the Office

Dr. Bonks grew up in Latvia and has been residing in Connecticut for the past eight years. When not working, Dr. Bonks enjoys spending time with her two children, cooking, going on road trips, and traveling to new places. She is passionate about reading, trying new recipes, and showing her kids the wonders of the world.

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